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Merchants Tenant Screening Solutions

Merchants Tenant Screening Features & Benefits

Below is a list of features and benefits for both of Merchants Tenant Screening Solutions: Resident Screening™ and ResidentInsight™.

Resident Screening™ and ResidentInsight™ Features & Benefits

ResidentInsight™ Additional Features & Benefits

Identify Desirable Tenants & Eliminate High-Risk Applicants

Tenant screening is an important step to improve the return on investment you see in the properties you manage. Just as important as finding good tenants is screening out undesirables, and while tenant credit checks are an important aspect of comprehensive tenant screening, a tenant credit report alone will not alert you to a high-risk individual. The best indicator available of an applicant’s future behavior is to look at their past conduct.

With Merchants’ Tenant Screening solutions, you can choose from more than 15 sources to comprehensively screen each applicant. Select the best mix of sources to adequately screen for the demographics of your community. A candidate’s criminal background and past tenant evictions are easily searchable and are highly recommended to reduce costly evictions, costing thousands of dollars each and to protect your other tenants and property.

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Streamline the Application Process

Through instant online results, streamlining your tenant verification process has never been easier. With Merchants' color-coded "no-read" reports, your leasing agents do not need to go through extensive training on a new tenant screening platform, or spend valuable time learning to read credit and background reports - they can stay focused on more important day-to-day managerial responsibilities.

Once you select the search sources (i.e. credit information, score, debt-to-income ratio, eviction data, etc.), and set the criteria for applicants, screening is automatically performed based on your settings, with little to no management interaction required.

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Reduce Delinquencies, Tenant Evictions, and Risk

As you’re probably aware, tenant evictions can cost thousands of dollars when you add up the lost income and added marketing expenses to backfill the vacancy, not to mention forms, court filing fees, process server charges and legal fees if the tenant takes you to court.

Comprehensive tenant screening reduces overall delinquencies and evictions by painting an accurate picture of the candidate’s rental & payment history, not to mention the risk reduction by eliminating sex offenders and criminals from your communities.

Make sound decisions based on the best possible information available to you, and stay ahead of your competition by renting to those who will be an asset to your community.

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Make Fast, Consistent and Informed Decisions

Merchants’ tenant screening takes the guesswork out of screening a potential tenant. Review a tenant’s credit profile, criminal history, and more in a matter of minutes with easy to read, instant, color-coded decisions based on your pre-determined criteria.

In today’s fast-paced world, having time to read through several pages of reports can occupy the better part of the day. Making rental decisions become vastly simplified when you have all of the information you need at the tip of your fingertips with online, instant, color-coded results. You set the criteria and we’ll provide a color-coded result allowing a "no-read", quick glance of the report. Green results indicate that the applicant has met your rental requirements, while any adverse information that should be further examined to aid your renting decisions will be indicated by yellow or red colors.

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Access Reports Quickly and Easily, 24/7

With 24/7 online access, screening your potential tenants has never been easier, or faster. Merchants’ suite of online applications is there when you need it most, including weekends and holidays.

Screening a large number of applicants over the busy weekend is not a problem with Merchants' tenant screening technology. Whether you’re screening one applicant, or 1000 applicants, it makes no difference. Our technology can handle the load and still provide you with instant results allowing your management to qualify applicants and fill vacant properties quickly. Increasing lease time increases your bottom line.

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ResidentInsight™ Additional Features

Criteria Wizard - Customized Decision Criteria

Merchants allows you to select the criteria to implement for tenant background checks, and color-codes the results so that decisions are faster and easier than ever to read, thus freeing up time for your property managers to concentrate on customer service.

Decision criteria are adjustable by property if desired, or set the standard for all of your properties and be consistent across the board. You can even adjust the criteria based on current economic conditions.

Choose from: complete tenant profile reports, tenant credit reports, criminal searches, social security searches, tenant eviction reports, credit score (FICO II), eviction data including court filings, instant state and county criminal searches (all 50 states), debt-to-income ratios, nationwide sex offender, most wanted searches, and OFAC/Terrorist information.

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Smart Search Technology

By using our Smart Search technology, our ResidentInsight™ customers are given an extra layer of filtering that will remove or eliminate the majority of "false positives" from their reports. False positives are results returned on a name match only, such as "John Smith." By matching SSN, address history and other specific identifiers, our Smart Search technology will deliver a more reliable set of results and save you time by eliminating the "false positive" results so you don’t have to rummage through them.

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Instant, Clear and Consistent Recommendations

With our advanced online technology, your screening results are delivered instantly and our proprietary reports are clear and easy to read. And because Merchants allows you to build your own criteria for screening your applicants, you can rest assured that your reports will be consistent each and every time, thus eliminating the possibility of oversights or errors in your screening choices. Set the criteria once and forget it.

In addition, employing a consistent set of screening criteria will help you to avoid discrimination lawsuits since every applicant is screened identically, based upon the same criteria.

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Color-Coded, "No-Read" Reports

Merchant’s patented "no-read" reports will help you reduce training time and eliminate costly mistakes by taking the guesswork out of tenant screening. Your property managers won’t need to go through lengthy training and education to learn and understand credit and tenant background check reports. Moreover, because you can set your own criteria and packages, the reports ordered will be consistent across all of the properties you manage. And Merchants' easy to use "no-read" reports will make reading any report, from any property an easy task for any of your employees.

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Sophisticated Analysis Tools to Evaluate Property Leasing Performance

Have you ever wondered if you are maximizing your marketing efforts?

With Merchants' demographic based reports you can quickly run a report to determine what the average age, income and previous address distance is across the communities you manage. Armed with this information you can accurately target your marketing efforts to garner the best return on investment possible from the valuable money you spend each month.

In addition, marketing-specific reports allow you to track referrals by marketing campaign to determine a direct ROI as well as evaluate marketing trends.

Aside from marketing and advertising reports, user and performance reports allow you to analyze acceptance rates and decision criteria to ensure your leasing staff is complying with the rules and standards you’ve put into place, as well as monitoring the impact of any changes you may make to your communities criteria model.

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